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“In One Line”

“I Help Beginners To Start Out Strong In Coding Field and Make Their Tech Life A Lot Better!!!

Howdy Champion!!!

Let me introduce to myself quickly…

I’m Shubham, a Smiling dude, Technical author, a Hard-core programmer and Creator of the ShubhamKLogic.com

Howdy, Champion!!! I'm Shubham, a self-taught programmer

I’m a self-taught techie who loves to Code and share helpful Tips, tricks and Best practices with you and all. 

I live in Delhi, a beautiful city of India. Apart from programming, I really like to play guitar & spending time with my pets.

Let’s talk about ShubhamKLogic.com platform-

I started this platform to help every Beginner, Self-taught and Intermediate-level programmer to succeed in programming field.

Here, I share all those Working strategies, Helpful programming guides and Learning coding resources that really helped me to make my programming journey much more smoother.

Because, I can understand that frustration, when you start out with a new technology or programming language and sooner, A few of disastrous thoughts start coming in mind, like-

Why coding is so hard? / Is coding for me? / Can I learn coding on my own? or similar.

Re-inventing Coding Skills

5 years ago, I was also thinking the same as above, but not anymore.

Now, I know, what were those mistakes?, which I was making again and again in order to learn coding skills efficiently.

What should be the action plan to learn coding for beginners? 

I’d developed and worked on my own blueprint which are helping me even today, Whenever I start out with a new Technology, Programming language or a Framework.

Here are few of the screen-grabs of some of cross-platform apps programmed in Java technology. I developed them from Scratch when I was exploring Java a bit more deeper.

Few of them might look silly to someone, but at that time, building even a simple ‘Investment calculator app’ was quiet a big deal for me. 

As I was learning and working on my action-plan to improve these skills, I was trying to pushing myself one level up day by day. And I succeeded…

App developed by Shubham

A cross-platform app to save Private notes, Passwords and Similar crucial information using 64-bit Encryption, so that others couldn’t read it. One extra feature that I added, was- “Text-to-Speech” synthesizer which will speak out the saved text messages as you click the button ‘Shubhu’.

A Library Management App - ShubhamKLogic

It is a Library Administrator App which manages all the tedious tasks of a library such as- Creating member, Storing books, Managing issues and Returning of books as well as Fine calculation and a few more.

Talking isn't Enough, Show me the Code!

Sure, You can easily find these apps on my Testing & Learning Github Account.

Here, I share all learning project’s code in a novice form so that any beginner programmer can take help from it. If you are interested in my professional Github account, you can reach to it through my posts.

Spoilers*** : Don’t judge the book by it’s cover.

I truly feel proud whenever I re-view these apps. Definitely, these apps could be much more better with RESTful services and APIs that I am able to develop today, 

But at that time, as a self-taught programmer, developing such apps & implementing business logic from scratch, gave me a crucial tool that every programmer must have in his or her hand, and that is-

“Self-Confidence- The Confidence to Code by Yourself.”

And I’m here to share all those step-by-step action plan, so that you can also develop that logical thinking to code better.

Dream Big, Start Small & Keep On It

Let’s go back again in 2014. In the middle of my 11th standard, planning for colleges and future studies.

I was good in studies. So, my family, friends and teachers suggested me to go and prepare for the Civil Services (a State & Country-Level Service) to work in public administration domain.

I am humble in nature. I really feel that precious happiness whenever I help any known-unknown person by cash or by hand. 

So I thought, may be they are guiding me the best path. Yes, that would be my future, helping people in administration field and I was about to prepare my mind to go for this field.

My Laptop of earlier days used in learning coding
Only device that helped me a lot - My Laptop

But, I was thoroughly fascinated by Computers and technology. 

In those days, I had a laptop with 2 GB RAM, and I was always curious to know more and more about it’s apps and games, 

“How exactly they were developed? / Who develop these kinds of things? / What knowledge should one have to create these apps?”

I researched a whole lot, and finally got my answers. 

I got the direction, What skills should one have to land into this beautiful tech field. I followed the voice of my inner soul, completed college and started learning coding skills. Today I can proudly say, 

That was the best decision of my life,

Because, after that, I knew the actual power of coding. I started with C language, learned how exactly the functions, structures and pointers work, build some mini-apps (link), then moved forward to C++, DS and SQL.

OOPs concepts were just amazing. Till now, I’d know the self-learning path, but as I completed the Core Java, there was so much fogg.

I had rough idea, that the self-learning journey might be a bit harder, but it was actually beyond the imagination.

There are a ton of distractions and confusion in tech field. In mid way, I felt as I lost the path. 

But I didn’t give up and stood strong.

After a lot of barriers, tech doubts, bugs and weird outputs, I started focusing on core as well as it’s advance concepts and Web technologies with a motive of “In-depth learning”.

Programming journey at HackerRank

Journey at HackerRank– A platfor for competitive programming.

I’d worked on different web frameworks, tools and projects, landed on a cool Web development job with some ongoing contractual projects.

Till now, I’d also worked with a number of Databeses, Python, BootStrap’s 12 column mechanism, Written awesome scripts in JS, jQuery as well as in PHP.

“Formula - That always makes me Proud”

Sometimes, you have to prove the decisions that you’ve made against what others are suggesting. And anyhow, you have to prove it.

I believe on this formula, which I’ve developed through my decisions and learnings-

My Formula to Learn to code - ShubhamKLogic

In this coding line and almost any other field, I believe, whenever we decide and take a decision, we are actually on the mid way.

From here, our constant positive efforts push the results towards the success, while the give up mindset takes us towards the failure.

And I always give my 100% efforts behind each & every decision and the results make me proud almost always.

In tech field, the journey of achieving mastery is a never ending process. Still, till this day, I always tried to push my limits 2 levels up each and every day.

How can ShubhamKLogic help you?

Programming and Software Engineering is not an easy career.

With many people graduating each year from top computer science programs and certificates in the country, it’s one of the most challenging and competitive careers anyone can embark on.

At the same time, Career in Tech is exciting and creative.

With a lot of advancement of technology, every day, there are innovations in the industry. Programming becomes a passionate endeavor for those who love it and want to explore it. 

When I started teaching myself mysterious programming skills, 

I wish, Someone sat me down and told me everything that I am going to tell you here on this platform. 

These actionable strategies and tactics can save any new and inter-mediate programmer a lot of headaches and energy to start learning coding a lot more better.

This platform can be the one, You can refer to your friend as a helpful resource in programming career progresses.

Even if some of the points might not be relevant for you right now, one day you will see the wisdom in them.

Shubham With Her Pet - Bruny
A new kid to learn to code, Meet - Bruny.

In short, I Love Programming, I Love Sharing helpful resources and Strategies of Learnings, and that’s why,

ShubhamKLogic is my dream platform, and I share quality things here, which’ll definitely help you to make the programming life a lot better.

I’m here to help you, and You can contact me anytime.

You might not check my WhatsApp-DP, but you can send me direct messages on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn.

Your new tech friend from now !

- Shubham Srivastava