37+ Best Places To Learn Coding: Beginner To Expert, Low Cost (Even Free)

Learn To Code For Free with Various Resources For Beginners

Do you want to know the Some Best platforms & Resources to Learn coding online?

Perfect !!!

In this ultimate list, you’ll get a number of Best Coding Rresources I’ve ever found during my 5+ years programming journey to Learn Coding (and I know their importance).

You might have heard a lot about coding Bootcamps, Read about how much programmers earnings, and Seen the Tech companies, making millions of dollars per year per month, with just a single group of dedicated programmers.
How exactly they are achieving such Gigantic results?

Simple reason –

And for that, You should be aware of all the helpful platforms, providing crucial support, coding tutorial and tools to code better.

There are some fantastic online platforms around, which will take you ‘from the basics’ right up to the ‘dynamic projects’.

I have spent uncountable hours saving your time in researching. So, Let’s dive into the 37 resources for beginners, self-taught Intermediate-level programmers to Learn coding & be an Expert.

Note*** : If you’ve observed carefully, you already know, technology is changing literally every day, so it needs to keep an eye on updated information about these resources. The current list contains 100% correct information up to the recent post update (October,2020). Thanks !!!


Top Websites to Learn Coding

#1 Edabit

Edabit-a learning coding platform for beginners to learn coding

Edabit contains a 10,000+ qualitative Coding tutorial and exercises to learn coding. Edabit provides interactive challenges, easy to understand concepts and helpful exercises to practice for a variety of domains.

That’s not it!!! Edabit also provides an online platform to practice coding challenges on their site. But what I liked the most is, each of the challenges has a level range from very easy, easy to expert. It really helps to improve logical thinking day by day and provides tactics to think like real programmers.

In Short

Category Details
🎓Skills They Cover Python, Javascript, HTML, CSS, Java, Coding challenges, Interactive Tutorials.
📘Format of Learning Practical coding, Interactive tutorials and much more.
💰Type Completely Free.


#2 FreeCodeCamp

It’s one of the best places to know- How to learn how to code? Especially for beginners & self-taught programmers.

How it helps in coding is, It provides a focused curriculum that contains step-by-step concepts on almost all the top programming & scripting languages.

Not only curriculum but also FreeCodeCamp embeds a live code-editor to practice all the key concepts and exercises absolutely free.

In Short-

Category Details
🎓Learning Coding Skills  JavaScript, HTML, CSS, Python, Java, C language, C++, MySQL, AI, Excel, and more.
📘Format of Learning Practical coding, Interactive tutorials and similar.
💰Type Absolutely Free.


#3 Exercism: Code Practice & Mentorship

Exercism.io really deserves to be in this ultimate list, because of its beginner to expert oriented approach.

Learning through Exercism is actually quite different. Here, firstly you’ll choose a language to master. After that, you’ll be redirected to complete a coding challenge on your computer.

Then you will upload your solution and review it with a mentor. (And then the magical part begins) You’ll unlock different exciting concepts and exercises.

Finally, once you complete the programming concepts, you’ll be able to track your performance, achieve fluency and be ready to use it live in tech industries, instead of searching- How to learn how to code!!!


Category Details
🎓Learn To Code In JavaScript, HTML, CSS, Java, C language, C++, MySQL, AI, Excel, Python coding and more.
📘Learning Format Practical coding, Interactive tutorials and similar.
💰Type Absolutely free coding learning place.


#4 Codecademy

Codecademy is also one of the perfect resources to start coding for programmers. If you’ve just got started in the coding line, Codecademy is quite a better way to get a sense of what coding is and how it works.

I have seen many of my coder friends finish Codecademy approximately in 4–6 months but they were brand new to this line. However, If you’ve got experience in programming, It may take 1–3 months or less to master coding.

In Short:

Category Details
🎓Skills Covered Here Kotlin, Swift, Java, JavaScript, HTML, CSS, SQL, python coding and more.
📘Learning Format Qualitative articles & Videos to learn coding, Exercises & Tech Quizzes.
💰Type A huge part to learn coding is free.


#5 MIT OpenCourseWare

‘Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)’, ranked #1 college in QS Global World Rankings 2020-21, provides openly-licensed digital collection of their high-quality teaching and learning materials, presented in an easily accessible format.

If you have missed the opportunity to get admission to such a dream college because of tight competition or any other reason,

Don’t be sad! 🙂

You can go to their Official site, choose your subject, and download all the learning resources that they are actually using in their college. Trust me, there are a lot of subjects.

In Short:

Category Details
🎓Learning Coding Skills Algorithms and Data Structures, Artificial Intelligence, Computer Design and Engineering, Cryptography, and more.
📘Learning Format PDFs, Docs, Books, Guides and similar resources.
💰Type 100% Free coding learning platform.


#6 Code Conquest

It’s more like an online guide to coding for beginners. Here, you’ll also understand almost all the popular sub-areas of coding: web designing, web development, app development and more.

With Code conquest, you’ll find out what skills are required for each, and what training you’ll need. Once you take in the preliminary info, you’ll be ready to get expertise in coding!!!

In Short:

Category Details
🎓Skills To Learn Coding PHP, Ruby on Rails, ASP.NET, Perl, Node, Android – iOS app development and python coding.
📘Learning Format Articles and books to learn coding, examples & Tech Quizzes.
💰Type Learn coding for free.


#7 The Odin Project

TheOdinProject - A learning coding platform for beginners to code for free

The Odin Project is a learning place as a home of web developers. It’s more like a community of web-designers & developers growing day-by-day. This learning coding platform is founded in 2013 by Erik Trautman, with the tagline, “Your career in Web development Starts here!!!”

It is self-paced and free. The Odin Project focuses on programming, databases and SQL coding. It also provides a hands-on introduction to all of the essential tools you’ll need to build real, working websites and helps to learn coding better.


Category Details
🎓Coding Tech Stack Web Development, HTML, CSS, Javascript, Jquery, PHP, Ruby on Rails and similar
📘Learning Format Learning coding with examples & Tech Quizzes, tutorials and lessons.
💰Type Absolutely free coding learning place.


#8 W3Schools : To Learn Web Programming

No need to introduce. W3Schools is the place for learning coding in top web technologies online in one place. It provides all the basic & intermediate-level tutorials of web and mobile developments.

What helps me a lot is, it’s the ‘References’ section. It contains a mega list of concepts & modules of hot technologies with links to a perfect example.

A number of queries of a beginner, web-app designer & developer such as How to learn about coding? How to develop _ _ _ get resolved by it’s ‘How To’ section. No doubt, it’s the reason, W3Schools is the world’s largest web developer site.


Category Details
🎓Skills To Learn Coding SQL, JQuery, JS, PHP, BootStrap, Java, Angular, Python coding and many more.
📘Learning Format Qualitative tutorials, Examples, Exercises and more.
💰Type Absolutely Free (with certificates).


#9 DataCamp

DataCamp offers quality courses for a number of Computer Science subjects, includes many on computer programming. Few courses are offered for beginners as well as intermediate-level programmers, so that, a wide range of coders easily learn to code in one place!!!


Category Details
🎓Learning Coding Skills HTML, CSS, JQuery, JavaScript, BootStrap, Angular, python coding and a lot more.
📘Learning Format Tutorials, Practice exercises & Articles.
💰Type 100% Free.


Learning-Coding Platforms

#10 Coursera.org

Coursera practically helps to develop skills with code learning courses from Top universities like Yale, Michigan, Stanford, and world’s leading companies such as Google, IBM and others.

It has hundreds of thousands of courses while many courses on Coursera are already available for free without a certificate. You will get uncountable lectures on programming and quizzes, also when you’ll complete the course, a free certificate will be waiting for you.

In Short:

Category Details
🎓Learning Coding Skills Covered Python, Java, AI, Machine Learning, iOS & Android development, MySQL, AI, BlockChain, Leadership skills and a whole lot more.
📘Format Of Learning Qualitative video lectures, Articles, Interactive coding lessons.
💰Type Learn coding for Free, Contains paid too.


#11 EggHead.io

This platform is going to be a treasure for all the JS programmers. It provides concise screencast video tutorials that cover the best content on learning coding libraries, and frameworks that any modern web developer can use to enhance the coding skills.

EggHead-a learning coding platform for javascript beginners to learn to code

The most interesting thing about EggHead is, the instructors are directly from the top tech companies and will help you to learn to code & build meaningful projects with their real-time experience.

Also, all of its videos are precisely concise and focused on logic. If you have a small budget, you should try it.


Category Details
🎓Learning Coding Courses React.js, Vue.js, GatsBy, JS, HTML, MySQL, Angular, Express, python coding and more.
📘Format Of Learning Concise video lectures, Articles, Interactive coding lessons.
💰Type Enough part is free.


#12 Khan Academy

When it comes to listing a multi-domain learning platform, which provides not only programming courses but also Math Foundations, SAT-LSAT Test Preparation and more, Khan Academy definitely ranks in it.

Khan Academy is the place that you might like the most especially if you like to learn coding from illustrative videos.

In Short:

Category Details
🎓Contents To Learn Coding JS, Algorithms, HTML, CSS, SQL, Python, Maths, Technology and many more.
📘Format Of Learning Concise video lectures, Articles, Interactive coding lessons.
💰Type Free & Paid.


#13 Udemy : Learn Anything

Again, no need for introduction. Udemy is a gigantic online course provider that offers a wide range of courses designed, created and taught by professionals.

As of Jan 2020 report, this platform has more than 35 million students and 57,000 instructors teaching courses in over 65 languages. Also, It provides free courses to help you make the most of your time, some paid courses for IT & Software development, Business, Communications and a lot of other domains.

Udemy has an enormous amount of qualitative learning video courses to learn coding and practice web development, Programming languages, Developing mobile apps and a whole lot more.


Category Details
🎓Coding Skills Covered Here Anything that you can think of.
📘Format Of Learning Quality Videos, Discussion forums,  Certificates on Completion and Coding guides.
💰Type Contains free & paid courses.


Just a Second*** : In case, if you are not aware of the Facebook Page and Group and for Beginners, Self-taught as well as Experienced programmers. Feel Free to Join. Here, we share Daily coding resources, Learning strategies and also Tech job notifications whenever our members found anyone. Click here to have a look, Thanks!!!


#14 eDx- Start Online Learning Today

eDx courses are truly able to get a place in this helpful resources’ list, because the courses are directly provided by Top 2 Universities of US – ‘Harvard & MIT’.

From learning coding skills to getting a job oriented technical certificate, eDx courses are there to help us. Through the eDx platform, any code learner with an internet connection can gain access to courses from Harvard & MIT universities.

Short overview:

Category Details
🎓Learning Coding Topics Data Science, Front-End Web-Development, Java,  Kotlin, Swift, JS, HTML, CSS, SQL and 100s of others.
📘Format Of Learning Quality PDFs, Docs, and Video Courses.
💰Type A variety of courses are Free, some are paid.


#15 Udacity

Udacity offers open online courses for a variety of subjects. Over 200 Industry experts are partnering to build the content for Udacity.

Its courses are majorly focused to get real employable skills. It’s learning curriculum is designed with top-tier industry partners, not academics, so you learn the high-impact skills that top companies want. With its courses, you’ll learn by doing real-world projects and other hands-on exercises.

What I like the most about it is- The help we need, when we need it. On Udacity, mentors are there almost 24/7 and will resolve your coding questions quickly so you can keep learning.

In Short:

Category Details
🎓Contents To Learn Coding All the Top tech courses that you can think of.
📘Format Of Learning Learning to code with High-quality content & video courses from professional instructors.
💰Type Free (without certificate), Paid Courses (with certificate).


#16 SoloLearn

SoloLearn - A learning coding platform for self-taught programmers to code for free

SoloLearn team is on a mission to support people to become programmers by making learning to code available + anytime + anywhere for free.

There is no headache of budget while learning coding with SoloLearn because it’s completely free. Given that they offer overall hot technology topics, anything you’ve been thinking about learning, you can find here.

In a Look:

Category Details
🎓Learning Coding For Machine Learning, SQL, HTML, CSS, JQuery, JavaScript, Angular, React and much more.
📘Format Of Learning Interactive tutorials, Coding exercises & Articles.
💰Type Enough part is Free, Paid for Pro users.


#17 UpSkill Courses

UpSkill is quite a useful resource that you should note down, because it provides a high-quality curriculum designed to teach you job skills as a programmer.

With Upskill Courses and tutorials, you’ll learn a massive set of skills ranging from fundamentals of programming and computer science, libraries, frameworks, and much more.

What I like most about it is, learning by building real-world applications. Also, they focus on theory along the way. That’s what makes Upskill unique!


Category Details
🎓Learn To Code JQuery, JS, HTML, CSS, Ruby, Databases, E-commerce, Bootstrap, Git, API’s and many more.
📘Format Of Learning Quality video courses, Interactive coding tutorial.
💰Type Free and paid.


#18 Code.org

It’s one of the great places to start coding & understanding- How do I start learning to code? What are the steps for a first time coder to write a piece of code?

The platform is simply made keeping one thing in mind that every person in this world should know to read and write code. That’s why Code.org is an excellent resource even if you looking for coding for kids.

In a Look:

Category Details
🎓Skills They Cover JS, HTML, CSS, Computer Science, Programming and similar others.
📘Format Of Learning Interactive tutorials, Practical coding tasks, Coding tutorials with examples.
💰Type Totally Free.


#19 Launch School Open Book Shelf

It’s a heavily researched learning curriculum designed for a long-term career as a Software Engineer & Programmer. They have a number of free books on a variety of tech skills and these free books can help you to learn coding & the basics of top popular programming languages.

In Short:

Category Details
🎓Learning Coding Contents SQL, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, TypeScript, PHP, BootStrap, Python, Java, Angular and a ton more.
📘Format Of Learning Interactive tutorials, Practical coding tasks, Examples.
💰Type Totally Free.


#20 Microsoft Virtual Academy

Microsoft Virtual Academy provides free online training by world-class experts and trainers. Their tutorial and courses will definitely help you to improve your technical skills. Here, you can attend live events and participate in live Q&A with brilliant instructors.

What I like the most about it is, testing our knowledge. And for that you just go with self-assessments and pursue certificates of completion for the courses you’ve mastered.

In Short:

Category Details
🎓Contents To Learn Coding Azure, .NET, Dynamics 365, GitHub, Microsoft 365, Microsoft Graph, Office, Power Platform, SQL Server, Visual Studio and more.
📘Format Of Learning Interactive tutorials, Practical coding tasks, Examples.
💰Type Completely Free.


#21 Scotch.io

Here, professionals and experts publish their helpful tutorials to learn coding, which is pretty good. Mostly geared towards intermediate-to-advanced developers. But, beginners and self-taught programmers can get a lot from here to learn coding, building projects moving forward to the next level.

Chris and Nick developed the Scotch, a web development blog discussing all things about programming, development, web and tech coding tutorial to learn code for free.


Category Details
🎓Learning Coding Contents React, Node.js, SQL, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, JQuery, BootStrap, Angular and much more.
📘Format Of Learning Project Building Tactics, Interactive coding tutorial.
💰Type 100% Free.


#22 Hackr.io

Another emerging place to get connected with programming. It offers a list of the best coding tutorials, online courses, and books on programming languages that are recommended by professional programmers having years of experience in hand.

What makes Hackr.io more interesting is the voting system. All the submitted tutorials are voted by the members of Hackr.io so that you can grab the best one to learn coding.

In Short:

Category Details
🎓Learning Coding Contents Python, Javascript, Coding challenges, Interactive Coding challenges and much more
📘Format Of Learning Practical coding tutorial, Interactive exercises.
💰Type Absolutely Free.


#23 Classpert

ClassPert - A course comparer free resource

To find and compare online courses from multiple e-learning platforms, Classpert is the right place. It provides an extensive search option that helps you find and compare online courses in IT & computer science, personal development, business, and more. It’s able to search through 250,000 free and paid courses from more than 30+ coding websites, that might force you to change your decision and pick another better course to learn coding.

In Short:

Category Details
🎓Contents To Learn Coding Whatever you want to learn coding.
📘Format Of Learning High-quality video courses and a comparison feature for a variety of courses.
💰Type Free and paid courses.


#24 CodeGym : Learn to Level Up

It’s probably one of the best resources to learn java programming. CodeGym is an online Java programming course based on 80% practice and learning. It provides 1200+ programming tasks with automatic verification of your solution.

Also, CodeGym has a leveling mechanism, And by the time as you reach Level 7, you’ll already be writing games! You’ll find super cool game tasks. If you get stuck on a task, it’s “Help” section will help you get advice from our experienced students and the course’s developers, which is simply awesome.

In Short:

Category Details
🎓Learning Coding Contents Whatever you want to learn coding, majorly focused on Java programming.
📘Format Of Learning Coding tasks and exercises with similar learning resources.
💰Type Huge part is Free.


#25 Mammoth Interactive Training

Mammoth Interactive Training is an emerging training course provider platform, which provides compact & effective online training by world-class experts and trainers.

Whether it’s e-learning, entrepreneurship, programming, software development or game development, this training platform is a good option to grab quality courses to learn coding and grow in career. Their tutorials and courses really help a lot to improve technical skills as Top technology report publisher websites such as VentureBeat, ExpertDojo and Cult of Mac mentioned it a number of times.

In Short:

Category Details
🎓Learning Coding Contents Python, Javascript, HTML, CSS, Angular, iOS, Whatever you want to learn.
📘Format Of Learning Interactive exercises and Qualitative training courses.
💰Type Both- Free and Paid content.


Helpful Youtube Channels to Code For Free

Sec-A: Web Programming


#26 FreeCodeCamp

FreeCodeCamp is a non-profit community of helpful programmers on YouTube which offers coding and tech learning. On their channel, they provide free videos, articles, coding Interview Questions and helpful learning tutorials with certification after completion of coding challenges.

At High Level:

Category Details
🎓Learning Coding Contents Python, DevOps, Vue.js, Mathematics, Deep Learning, React Native, Java and more.
📕View Channel FreeCodeCamp


#27 Telusko

“Hi Aliens”, Telusko Learnings provides free tutorials for self-taught programmers as well as advanced level coders. Here, Navin Reddy covers all the technical topics such as Java, Python, Blockchain, Android, JavaScript, Rest API, Kotlin, Scala, Spring Framework, Networking and many many more (a big salute for the efforts- best known as ‘The Java Guru’).

In Short:

Category Details
🎓Learning Coding Contents Python, DevOps, Vue.js, Mathematics, Deep Learning, React Native, Java and more.
📕View Channel Telusko Learnings


#28 Traversy Media

Traversy Media features the best online web development, designing and programming tutorials for all of the latest web technologies and frameworks including Node.js, Angular 2, React, PHP and many more.


Category Details
🎓Learning Coding Contents React, Python, Vanilla Javascript, Html-CSS, Node.js, Full-Stack React & Django, MongoDB and more.
📕View Channel Traversy Media


#29 Edureka : Learn to Code

Edureka - A youtube channel to learn coding for free

Edureka is one of my favorites. Whether you are willing to learn to code in a new language, Searching for live classes or Preparing for technical interview questions, Edureka covers all of that.

It provides free full course and in-detailed videos on trending technologies such as AI, Machine Learning, Deep Learning, AWS, DevOps, Python, Mobile app development and a ton more.

In Short:

Category Details
🎓Learning Coding Contents Machine Learning, AI, Deep Learning, AWS, DevOps, Python, Mobile app development and a ton more.
📕View Channel Edureka


#30 Programming with Mosh

If you’re a Web developer, Mosh will be one of the best online tutors for you. Programming with Mosh is one of the best YouTube channels to learn to code from scratch.

Here, you’ll learn to code in new web technologies with Back-end development, Front-end development, mobile development, Node.js, Angular, JavaScript, ASP.Net, python coding and much more. His explaining and teaching skills are truly the best.

In Short:

Category Details
🎓Learning Coding Contents Python, Back-end development, Front-end development, Mobile app development, Node.js Angular, JS and more.
📕View Channel Programming with Mosh


#31 Derek Banas

A programmer on youtube with more than a million subscribers. If you’re a beginner, you will learn a lot from his extensive guides on developing android apps, iOS apps, Javascript games, React tutorials, Java, Java EE, C#, Visual Basic, Arduino, PHP, MySQL, Web services and other related topics covered in his channel.

If you like a live Q&A and streaming, you can watch this channel at 8 PM EST on Monday and at 7 PM EST on Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday. Isn’t it awesome?


Category Details
🎓Learning Coding Contents Android & iOS development, Javascript games, React, Java, Java EE, C#, Visual Basic, Arduino and many more.
📕View Channel Derek Banas


#32 Kudvenkat

A channel that covers in-depth video tutorials on ASP.NET, C#, SQL Server, AJAX, WCF, JQuery, SSIS, SSAS, and SSRS.

If you are interested in Microsoft’s .NET technologies, this is in one of the places to go to and start learning with practical exercises. Here, you can find a large variety of concise and comprehensive tutorials.

In Short:

Category Details
🎓Learning Coding Skills ASP.NET, C#, SQL Server, AJAX, WCF, JQuery, SSIS, SSAS, SSRS and many more.
📕View Channel Kudvenkat


Sec-B: SQL Programming


#33 Stanford DBclass

On this channel, Jennifer Widom, an instructor at Stanford University, teaches all the basics and advanced concepts of SQL, Not only SQL but also the UML, Relation Algebra and How RA supports the SQL.

She provides simple and easy to understand tutorials from beginner to advanced level SQL programmers. Her in-depth teaching helped a number of students to learn and understand the SQL from the root.
In Short:

Category Details
🎓Learning Coding Contents SQL, UML, Relation Algebra, Dependencies, DML-DDL statements in-detailed.
📕View Channel Stanford DBclass


#34 SQL Bolt

When it comes to high-quality tutorials, interactive coding exercises and briefly explained sql concepts, SQL Bolt is the one that comes into the mind.

It’s a website that contains helpful tutorials only about SQL. It’s my personal favourite, because it provides a series of interactive lessons and exercises designed to help you quickly learn SQL exercises right in your browser. It contains top quality SQL tutorial and sql examples from which a self-taught novice SQL programmer can grab a lot.

In Short:

Category Details
🎓Learning Coding Contents Helpful SQL tutorials, Practice sets for SQL statements and Detailed explanations.
📕View Website SQLBolt.com


#35 SQL Zoo

Another helpful place to learn SQL programming. SQL Zoo is completely beginner-friendly. If someone is brand new in SQL, he or she must visit the SQL Zoo site at least once. It’s in this ultimate list to learn SQL coding because many learners have responded that SqlZoo provides the best way to learn SQL.

SQLzoo - A platform to learn sql programming language and database

After learning from here, anyone can solve mid to expert level SQL interview questions. On their site, they provide beginner-friendly SQL tutorials as well as an online IDE to run SQL commands.
In Short:

Category Details
🎓Learning Coding Contents Helpful SQL tutorials, practice sets for SQL statements and Detailed explanations.
📕View Website SQLzoo.net


Sec-C: Mobile App Development


#36 Flutter: Official Team

The official channel of the Flutter(by Google). On this channel, they share tips and tactics to develop applications for Android, iOS, Linux, Mac, Windows, Google Fuchsia, and the web from a single codebase. On Flutter Day, a 24-hour online educational event, you will know new CodeLabs, 3 Livestream sessions and a Q&A, hosted by the Flutter team!!!

In Short:

Category Details
🎓Learning Coding Contents Videos on Android, iOS, Linux, Mac, Windows, Google Fuchsia and more.
📕View Channel Flutter: To Learn Coding for Mobile devices


#37 Academind : Learn & Grow

Academind, Founded by Maximilian Schwarzmüller and Manuel Lorenz. They provide effective and concise tutorials on ReactJS, Redux, D3.js, projects on Vue.js + Vuetify + Firebase and a lot more on their channel.

Whether you want to have look at Angular Tutorials or Guides, Vue.js or other Frontend development content, their video tutorials are there to help you.

In Short:

Category Details
🎓Learning Coding Contents Videos on ReactJS, Redux, Vue, D3.js, RxJS, AWS, Stencil, GraphQL, Angular 6 and More.
📕View Channel Academind: Learn iOS and Android Programming




#38 Technical Interview Cracker

GeeksForGeeks - A learning coding and technical interview practice questions resource

Once you’ll be done with basic learning coding, you might start looking for technical interview questions. GeeksForGeeks can help you a lot. Its “company preparation” section tells how to prepare for a technical interview software engineer profile with hundreds of coding interview questions.

It also provides a variety of programming interview practices from which anyone can take help instantly. GeeksForGeeks can really help you in cracking the coding interview and getting into the glorious tech industry.

In Short:

Category Details
🎓Coding Contents Company-Specific Preparation, Programming problems for practice and Fully explained solutions.
📕View Platform GeeksForGeeks – Tech Company Preparations (Free)
📊Similar Top Resources LeetCode – Coding Interview Problems (Free+Paid)


#39 Compete with Others : HackerRank

HackerRank provides competitive challenges for a variety of domains, such as Algorithms, Mathematics, SQL, Functional Programming, Python, AI, JavaScript, DS, Ruby and more.

Programmers from all over the world come here and show their coding skills. HackerRank also provides a discussion and a leaderboard for every challenge, and almost all of them come with an editorial that explains more about the challenge and suggests approaches that will help you come up with a logical solution.

Here you can learn to code & compete with other programmers from different locations on this planet, improve your rankings and mention in your resume. Better ranking would definitely be like the cherry on the cake.

In Short:

Category Details
🎓Helpful Contents Competitive Programming on a number of technologies, Coding problems with outputs and solutions.
📕View Platform HackerRanks – Coding Problems, Interview Preparations.
📊Similar Top Resources CodeChef – Competitions, Challenges and more.


Final Words There’re Enough Resources- To Learn “Coding”

It’s crystal clear, that there are a whole lot of resources to learn and master in coding. You can easily pick any one or two and start learning coding right from today.

I have tried and personally tested these resources and platforms. I can say for sure, By utilizing these coding resources around, sooner any beginner would definitely be able to:

★ Apply his/her Coding skills in Solving problems,
★ Write code by yourself and,
★ Develop the ‘Logical thinking’ of turning a solution into the code.

No matter, If you brand new in coding or just know the basics, traverse the ultimate list again, pick a couple of resources and give your level best to achieve expertise in the coding line.

However, If you are willing to start coding but have never written a single line ever before, I would recommend-

Firstly go with the free resources and start practicing. Once you have a big picture of it, then explore the paid options to achieve expertise in it.

If you want to be a part of a Community of Beginners & Intermediate programmers, where you can ask beginner-level questions, share & get helpful resources, and a whole lot more- Join The Logical Army on facebook from here.

It’s free to join, and here, you will get help in seconds.

If I’d missed any useful coding resource or platform in this list, let me know in the comment section below. Till then…

– “Keep Smiling | Think Logical”

– ShubhamKLogic.com



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