How to center a Heading in HTML

Centering things in HTML and CSS is not a new frontend problem. However, there are multiple solutions to Center a Heading in HTML.

In this tutorial, I’ll share some of the easiest ways to center a heading and also how to center text in HTML-CSS.

So, let’s begin-

How to Center a Heading in HTML

In HTML, there are 6 levels of headings. These are from <h1> Heading 1 (The largest one)</h1> to <h6>Heading 6 (The smallest one)</h6>. You can bring all the heading texts into the center.

Remember these properties to center a Heading in HTML

BTW, You may already know that, HTML headings are block-level elements. It simply means, They eat up all the space towards their left and right, and no other element can easily span with them.


Here is How to center a <h1>, <h2>, … , <h6> Heading elements-

  • Using CSS text alignment:


    <h1>Here's a Heading in HTML</h1>


You can also do it with inline CSS styling-

<h1 style="text-align:center;">Here's a Heading in HTML</h1>

Output- when you’ll run it, you will see something like the above diagram.

In the above code snippet, we’ve taken only the <h1> heading tag, but the CSS center alignment property will perfectly work with all other heading tags of HTML.

Here’s the code snippet with the desired result that shows: How to center Heading in HTML-

See the Pen
Centering Heading in HTML
by Shubham (@ShubhamKLogic)
on CodePen.

How to put Text in the middle of a page – HTML

So, far we have learned to center headings in HTML, but what if you need to center inline elements horizontally.

Here’s the solution to do it-

.center-childrens {
  text-align: center;

See the Pen
Centering Text in HTML-CSS
by Shubham (@ShubhamKLogic)
on CodePen.

In the above example to put text in the middle, we have used same CSS property and value i.e. text-align: center; The CSS alignment property can also hold different other values, such as-


1) center;
2) left;
3) right;
4) start;
5) unset;
6) -webkit-auto;
7) -webkit-match-parent;


What We Learned? 

So far, we have learned How to center a Heading and text in HTML. We’ve also learned how to use align text left, center, right with inline CSS.

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