When designing and developing High quality & Responsive Web apps and Websites, HTML and CSS play an Important role. It’s the Index page of Tutorials to Learn HTML and CSS. Learn more –

Learn HTML and CSS to build Websites and Webapps

Learn HTML and CSS with Examples

Starting with HTML and CSS- How They Work?

In this tutorial, Understand- How to start with HTML and CSS, Things that happen behind the scenes, Live example to show the use of HTML and CSS, Beginner’s Doubts and more. Let’s Start.
Level : Easy | Topics Covered: Introduction to HTML and CSS, Beginner’s Queries, Examples.

How to center a Heading in HTML?

Centering things in HTML and CSS is not a new frontend problem, and there are multiple solutions of doing it. Learn- what’s the best possible way to center HTML headings and all other text elements in the exact center.
Level : Easy | Topics Covered: Use of HTML and CSS elements, headings and text-alignment, Live examples.

HTML Computer Codes: kbd | samp | code | pre | var Elements

There are a number of HTML elements that can help to demonstrate some keyboard keys input, showing a short fragment of computer code. Learn more about all the HTML computer codes.
Level : Medium | Topics Covered: HTML keyboard element, samp, code, pre and var elements examples.