Learn JavaScript From Scratch- A Modern Guide (+PDFs, Tips & Free Resources)

JavaScript is an evergreen programming language. It has gained a lot of popularity over the time. In this Javascript Tutorial, we will understand the overview to Learn JavaScript from Scratch, What is JavaScript, How does JS engine works behind the scene and other things. But before anything else, here’s a survey conducted by StackOverflow Team … Read more

What is SQL? The Ultimate Guide For Beginners Of SQL And Database

Want to know everything about SQL programming? Great !!! Let’s take a deep dive into it. But before that, here is an interesting fact that you should know- We create almost 2.5 Quintillion bytes of data in just 1 day (It’s more than 3 Billion GB per day) LETs TWEET IT Isn’t it a gigantic … Read more

37+ Best Places To Learn Coding: Beginner To Expert, Low Cost (Even Free)

Do you want to know the Some Best platforms & Resources to Learn coding online? Perfect !!! In this ultimate list, you’ll get a number of Best Coding Rresources I’ve ever found during my 5+ years programming journey to Learn Coding (and I know their importance). You might have heard a lot about coding Bootcamps, … Read more


Whether you’ve just completed a Coding course, Looking out or Planning for a job change, Finding a new & better software engineering job in the mid of a pandemic COVID-19 can be an overwhelming task. The current Careers page of ShubhamKLogic.com is dedicated to all the Programmers, Freshers and Experienced Tech-savvies, willing to get a … Read more


Hey there, I’m Shubham !!! 🎓 A Smiling Dude | ✍️ Technical Author | 💻 A Hard-core Programmer But, Why ShubhamKLogic? Learn Tech (+ Understand the Logic) I know, you may be telling, there are tons of sites teaching you- How to code, Right? Here are the main USPs of ShubhamKLogic.com :- Only actionable learning strategies (no fluff).  Attention to details … Read more

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