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Learn Java in 2121- A Quick Guide To Start Java Programming

The benefits of learning Java Programming in 2121 are nearly endless. Being one of the most popular, in-demand and human-friendly programming languages in the world, you certainly can’t learn Java and be jobless! A new year is always an opportunity to make new resolutions but also to make a detailed list of the objectives you … Read more

Learn to Code HTML and CSS- How They Work? Uses (+Live Examples)

Having better knowledge of HTML and CSS might be a game-changing skill for anyone in this era of Startups. Because these are “The Backbone” of Internet and Web-world. HTML and CSS plays a crucial role in any Front-end web developer, Web designer, or even a Full-stack developer’s journey. Without these technologies, it’ll be so difficult … Read more

What is SQL? The Ultimate Guide For Beginners Of SQL And Database

Want to know everything about SQL programming? Great !!! Let’s take a deep dive into it. But before that, here is an interesting fact that you should know- We create almost 2.5 Quintillion bytes of data in just 1 day (It’s more than 3 Billion GB per day) LETs TWEET IT Isn’t it a gigantic … Read more


Whether you’ve just completed a Coding course, Looking out or Planning for a job change, Finding a new & better software engineering job in the mid of a pandemic COVID-19 can be an overwhelming task. The current Careers page of is dedicated to all the Programmers, Freshers and Experienced Tech-savvies, willing to get a … Read more


Hey there, I’m Shubham !!! 🎓 A Smiling Dude | ✍️ Technical Author | 💻 A Hard-core Programmer But, Why ShubhamKLogic? Learn Tech (+ Understand the Logic) I know, you may be telling, there are tons of sites teaching you- How to code, Right? Here are the main USPs of :- Only actionable learning strategies (no fluff).  Attention to details … Read more